Pourpoint of Charles de Blois

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    The pourpoint of Charles de Blois is a garment that is in an excellent state of preservation.
    The artefact dates from 1364, and several miniatures show similar garments throughout the second half of the 14th century.
    It has numerous buttons on the sleeves and on the central opening.
    It comes down quite low (it will cover the braies) and has laces attached on the lining side to fasten the later separate hoses.
    It has the particularity of sculpting the silhouette by making a fine waist and a bulging torso, and of having sleeves called "à grande assiettes", with armholes that go very far towards the centre of the bust.
    This type of garment could be worn in both civilian and military costume.It seems that there were many variations (lacing on the bottom and buttoning on the bust), with or without buttons on the sleeves, etc.

    - Pourpoint of Charles de Blois (Artefact)
    - Giovanni Boccaccio, Des cas des nobles hommes et femmes, Paris fol. 37r (1410)
    - BNF New French acquisition 5243 Guiron le Courtois (1370-1380)

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