Nobleman tunic 13th century

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    The cotte (tunic) is worn over the shirt. It is loose fitting and has sleeves that are adjusted on the forearm by small buttons.
    For a nobleman or rich bourgeois, it is long (ankles) and ample, made of a bright coloured wool lined with silk.
    Historically, it is worn bloused at the waist. It is often seen slit in the front and back in the centre. The collar is fitted and slit.

    - Maciejowski Bible (1250)
    - St. Louis Bible Date Paris, France, Folio: 39r, ca. 1244-1254.

    Possible options :
    - With or without lining (less historical)
    - Exposed hand seams
    - Decrease or increase of the total width
    - Several collars possible: round collar, split (the most common) closed by a pin, split and buttoned.

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