Corset dress 15th century

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    This dress is called "corset" because it supports the chest.
    It is worn directly over the shirt, adjusted by lacing which can be opened over the shirt.It can be long-sleeved (adjusted by a discreet buttoning or lacing) or short-sleeved.
    In the latter case it can be completed by removable sleeves to be pinned.
    It can be worn by all social classes, the richer you are the more saturated colours and greater width you have.

    - The Descent from the Cross, Rogier van der Weyden, 1435
    - Madonna con infante, ca. 1450 (Antwerp, Koninklijk Museum)
    - The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry

    Possible options :
    - with or without lining
    - long sleeves
    - variation of the width
    - visible handmade seams

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